Friday, January 16, 2009

New U2 album cover: ummmm......

Apparently, this strange image is the cover of the new U2 album, entitled "No Line on the Horizon". It's so.....plain. Not that I'm a U2 fan (I'm not), as their grandiosity and overbearing self-importance has worn thin on me, this is an interesting image. It reminds me a lot of the image Chris Martin of Coldplay paints on his hands....which is ironic when you consider how Coldplay have been labeled as U2 ripoffs over the years.
Still, I bet this U2 cd will have more pompous, overdramatic stadium anthems and epic sweeping ballads, something the band has consistently churned out over their 78 year career.
I just hope this time Bono doesn't sing in Spanish.

For comparison's sake: (strange, huh?)

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