Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Mash-Up Fun!!

I don't really like Jay-Z. I do, however, like Radiohead. Combine the both, and what do you get? Jaydiohead. Mixed by someone calling himself (or herself, or themselves) 'Minty Fresh Beats', Jaydiohead is a pretty slick collection of Jay-Z rhymes set to the tunes of Radiohead, everyone's favorite weird band. Something similar to this happened a few years ago, when Danger Mouse made the 'Grey Album', combining Weezer's legendary Blue album to Metallica's self-titled (or Black album). While that was kinda cool, the mixes were awkward.
Jaydiohead, however, works much more smoothly. '99 Anthems' in particular is impressive, which involves Jay-Z's '99 Problems' and Radiohead's 'The National Anthem' from Kid A. The rhythm of Radiohead's backing track provides a great fit for Jay's rapping.
As evidenced by the growing popularity of Girl Talk and his mash-up skills, people like it. Girl Talk himself mashed up Radiohead and Jay-Z on one of his albums, but his didn't work nearly as well as this Jaydiohead business does.
It's an interesting mix, combining the oddball melodies and intricacies of Radiohead songs with Jay-Z's lyrics. Jay is considered to be some kind of legendary rapper, although I personally haven't ever really enjoyed him. Still, his delivery is pretty good, and the result of Jaydiohead is something that brings together two extremely popular and revered artists together to create something that complements both artists at once, and for that, Jaydiohead deserves credit.
And the best part? You can download the album for free, since it's just a mash-up! The website offers a variety of different download methods. Check it out.

I want someone to make an even more bizarre mash-up that somehow works. Let's see...how about....ABBA music set to Slayer riffs? no, that probably wouldn't work too well....how about.....one of those 'indie' rappers like Common or Talib Kweli set to Zeppelin? That could be interesting......

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the guy calling you an idiot said...

wow, so, it was the beatles "white" album, not weezers "blue" album, which would have made it the "dark blue" album, also not metallicas "black" which would have just stayed the "extra black" album.

clearly you didnt listen to the grey album and have no business comparing it to anything.

your blog is handicapped in so many ways.