Thursday, December 18, 2008

Manimal Records Residency / Megapuss

Manimal Records have had a residency at the Echo all this month and appear to be owning free Mondays for December. The Polyamorous Affair, Vaginals and Halloween Swim Team will be playing on the 22nd. Its Monday, its almost Christmas and its FREE. Whoo yeah!

I just listened to an album called “Surfing” by Megapuss. It is professional stoner Devendra Banhart's latest project collaborating with Gregory Rogove. Its great. Psychedelic Folk. Weird, trippy, funny, freaky awesomeness. (I was just knighted approval to DJ at KSPC Claremont, so I have access to a huge library of new and old albums, meaning you’ll probably be getting plenty of my recommendations here on Miny Moe). My favorite song from the album right now is the title track “Surfing.” These are some serious 21st century hippie jams. I’ve read/heard about Devendra Banhardt's antics, but never really checked him out. I’m glad I've got this KSPC gig going on now. I’m not gonna throw a bunch of crazy adjectives and pretentious metaphors at you to describe Megapuss. Just go check it out here:

today's honorable mention: Voice On Tape


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