Monday, December 15, 2008

I sense a disturbance in the Force....

I didn't think it was even possible, but I now know George Lucas has reached a NEW all-time low. After the three prequel movies, it didn't seem possible for him to stoop any lower.

Designer/graffiti artist Mark Ecko has released a new Star Wars line of clothing. These range from t-shirts with fancy fonts and artistic renderings of Star Wars characters such as Yoda or a Stormtrooper, to exorbitantly-priced hoodies, again of a Stormtrooper or bounty hunter Boba Fett.

I'm just....confused by all this....ever since moving to LA in August I've noticed more and more of an abundance of fancy designer t-shirts everywhere I turn (*coughcoughEDHARDYcoughcough*), but this was something I never expected to see.

I find it hard to believe I will see some trendy socialite guy wearing a neck-printed, $40 dollar Darth Vader shirt in a crowded, upscale bar. I was under the impression that displaying Star Wars fanaticism did not fit in with the bar scene, let alone allow one to look trendy and fashionable. If anything, I would think a shirt with Yoda displayed on it would be detrimental to one's success in such a setting. For these reasons, this new Ecko line confuses me to no end.

That said, I find the shirts oddly appealing....maybe since it almost seems like a joke, as if Ecko designed them to make fun of the trendy shirts that seem to have taken everywhere by storm (and it definitely is trendy).

It's just weird. George Lucas has never been shy to license Star Wars characters/images/sounds/whatever to anything, and this definitely shows his willingness to sell out for even more money. He's a businessman.

I just hope to see some trendy Bro sporting a Boba Fett hoodie at a crowded, noisy bar soon. It would probably make my week that much better.


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Philip Reed said...

I just picked up a stormtrooper hoodie a few days ago and my wife immediately declared that I was not allowed to wear it fully zipped up when I'm in public.