Friday, December 5, 2008

Fleet Foxes - current obsession

If you consider yourself in-tune with the 'indie' scene, then you know who the Fleet Foxes are. They're an incredibly low-key band from Seattle (on Sub Pop, even!) whose lush songs are supremely calming and melodic. They use multiple harmonies in their songs, even sometimes singing in unison without music, almost like an a capella group. I saw their show in September at the El Rey Theater, and it was amazing. Sold-out capacity, and with good reason. I was captivated by the sounds from these unkempt-looking mountain men from the Pacific Northwest. Pitchfork, which doesn't like ANYTHING, LOVES Fleet Foxes, rating their debut album at 9.0/10. That got me interested, and it is with good reason that they are rated so high. Their songs are a wonderful combination of Neil Young, the Shins, and the Decemberists, but with a much simpler sound. The result is songs that are extremely slight and uncomplicated, but are very memorable and powerful, dynamically. I personally like the song 'Mykonos' from their EP 'Sun Giant', but the debut self-titled album is awesome as well.

They recently were confirmed as the first band to be playing Coachella this coming April. One of the band members leaked this in an interview, so they are the first confirmed band for the Indie fest known as Coachella. Hopefully they don't get some big stage, as they are best seen in a smaller, intimate setting, which complements the music perfectly.

If you haven't heard of them yet, do so now. Their music is something special, and is a lot different from the grungy stuff that usually comes out of Seattle.

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