Thursday, November 6, 2008

iLOVE irving!!

i love irving!!

when i heard their " the curious things about leather" on KXLU for the first time, about 8 years ago, i fell in LOVE with the song. there was no such thing as myspace back then, so i asked everbody about irving on indie pop list. does anyone still remember indie pop list??

finally i met the band @ spaceland when my band, from bubblegum to sky played with them.

i asked irving to join the "cook book cd" which is the compilation CD i was working on. the cd included a cookbook and coaster. 12 indie artist contributed orginal vegetarian recipies, artwork, and music. shortly after, i signed with them and i put out "good morning beautiful" in 2002 and put out the EP " i hope you're feeling better now" in 2003 and "death in the garden, blood on the flowers" in 2006.

after alex left irving (now he is "seawolf" as you know), the rest of irving started the afternoons.

afternoon is great!! irving created 3 great bands. 1 is let's go sailing which is the original keyboard player, shana's band. they are AWESOME!! 2 is alex's band SEAWOLF! wow!! great great band! so talented! and AFTERNOONS!! AMAZING band!! they will be playing @ echo plex with earlimart on 11/11 for indie 103.1 check one twosday!

here is streaming for "the curious things about leather"

and the track from dimension mix " army ants in your pants"

irving is such an AMAZING band from silverlake!! i miss them so much!

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