Monday, November 10, 2008

an amazing band surviving w/ little acknowledgment: Lovers

sooo iv never been much for words so ill try a straight forward approach..

"lovers" (not to be confused with "the lovers")

or better yet lets just say Carolyn Berk (the voice of Lovers). A singer/song writer that i consider would hold stock with many other of my favorites such as:

elliott smith
chan marshall (cat power)
damien rice

(these are only to name a few but my main point to this list is to give examples of musicians who
can utter each word with a certain sense of truth and in some cases even deliver that special shiver down your spine..)

my straight forward, short & sweet description:
very mellow and calming- in other words, beautiful words matched by a beautiful voice.

iv been listening to lovers for a little over a year now after being lucky enough to be introduced to them from a very musically intelligent friend of mine. i would have to say the first song i heard by them was "winter takes a lover" in the back of a coffee shop (an old employer)... unfortunately i could barely hear a thing back there cause that back room sucked.. but later again i heard the song i a mix i was given and right after hearing that song again was the first time Lovers gave me chills.

and if i had to choose a song that still gives my ears the feeling of just hearing Lovers for the first time it would have to be "take good care" and i cant help but quote this song because this line is just soo amazing:

" but you became a ghost before you wanted,
and now my heart is the home you've haunted, and
every time i hear the sirens sing, i feel footsteps inside
of me, like your heart beating, like my heart beating,
like your heart beating."

these words typed dont do this song justice until their heard from the powerful voice of Carolyn her self.

& regardless im just giving insight to my own personal experience only in hopes to spark interest in others to go out and hear the song themselves.

anywho i think im rambling.. back to Lovers

if you look up the bio on the Lovers website you'll only find a small tidbit of Carolyn's personality, but to me seems accurate in comparison to her singing (if you asked me...).

lovers is supposed to be releasing a new album this year titled, "i am the west"

so counting this new release it will make four all together and each one is worth picking up:

starlit sunken ship (2002)
the gutter and the garden (2004)
sleep with heat (2006)
*i am the west (2008)

*noted that "i am the west" still isn't released

when visiting the lovers myspace i would, to quote itunes, start with
"the basics" which i suggest are:
"the garden"

and then i would go to "deeper cuts" with:
"season's greeting"
"winter takes a lover"
and at the moment my favorite
"take good care"

(in the insignificant order i had my safari tabs open...)
lovers myspace (take a listen here)
fan site
lovers official site

thanks pancakes

eenie meenie

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