Friday, August 1, 2008


Oakland's hype-snatching, pop-damaged electro duo Wallpaper announces a month of dates amidst growing praise for the T REX EP. Projections,
neon shades, new songs, and fresh live remixes of New Jack favorites have been confirmed for both coasts and the Midwest.

"We dashed into the Rickshaw right as Wallpaper took stage, and I

can honestly say it was one of things where you go 'Fuck dude,

where have you been all my life?'" - THE TRIPWIRE

When last we checked in with Wallpaper, the future couldn't have looked brighter. Eenie Meenie picked up the independently crafted T REX EP for wide release, the blogosphere flipped for the titular single's gonzo video, mastermind/lead Lothario Ricky Reed started his own hotline (510.493.7835) to appease the ravenous fans of "Txt Me Yr Love," and Wallpaper'd broken not only into the West Coast's hottest dance parties (alongside folks like Dan Deacon, Franki Chan, and LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney), but into the Coachella parking lot as well, earning cult status for their guerilla tailgate show. But on the eve of T REX's release, things went awry.

As revealed in a series of video blogs--whose humor is a mash-up of Ali G nescience with Adult Swim irreverence--Ricky had wrong-headedly promised to "quit out the industry" if his EP was outsold by Grand Theft Auto IV, released the same day. T REX's debut sales were surprisingly shy of GTA's 3.6 million mark, and only days after a Wallpaper world tour was announced, it was canceled--Ricky Reed had gone missing. Subsequent video missives and hotline updates offered vague clues (first he appeared to be in the Amazon; days later in outer space), but little sense could be made of his bizarre musings and haggard state. Back home, Wallpaper drummer Arjun Singh invited Ricky's greenhorn cousin to temp as singer, then began holding auditions.

Fortunately, others rallied, and amongst a small but significant hail of college radio adds, messages from concerned fans, and wheat-pasted posters featuring Ricky's famous mug on a milk carton, hope blossomed. Though the details of his return are yet unknown, Ricky Reed is indeed back, and Wallpaper's original lineup has been confirmed for a month of dates (below). In the immortal words once coined by Wallpaper's funk-addled frontman: The show must go on.

"For those of you who haven't heard of Wallpaper yet, you will NO DOUBT

be fans by the end of the year." - ROCK INSIDER

06 Portland, OR @ Dunes w/ Skin Electric
07 Portland, OR @ The Rotture w/ Strength

08 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent (Owl Mag 3yr Ann. Party w/ Amplive)

09 Sacramento, CA @ The Townhouse w/ Shaun Slaughter

10 Las Vegas, NV @ Beatles Lounge w/ Afghan Raiders

13 Los Angeles, CA @ Boardners (Club Moscow)

14 Los Angeles, CA @ La Cita (Dance Right)

15 Santa Ana, CA @ Proof Bar (Mute)

16 San Diego, CA @ The Beauty Bar (Danger Danger 10pm)

16 Los Angeles, CA @ Blow Up LA (2yr Ann. Party 1-2am)

21 Morgantown, WV@ West Viriginia University

23 Washington, DC @ The Black Cat (Bliss 8yr Ann. Party)

26 New York, NY @ Happy Endings (Six Six Sick)

27 Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary (Cresendolls)

29 New York, NY @ Club Annex (Ruff Club)




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