Thursday, April 24, 2008


We've finally arrived at Palm Springs, CA on the road to Coachella!
The eenie meenies are resting for a spell before we head out to the Filter party tonight featuring eenie meenie's own Wallpaper. at the kick-off for Coachella as well as the kick-off of a non-stop digital ep release week!
Phew, that was a mouthful! We've got tons of water, sunblock, and extension cords... and we're going to be hitting up parking lots, campgrounds and entrance grounds promoting T Rex and handing out everything from neon shades to wristbands to sno-cones!!

Here's some pics of the view from our hotel

and here's one of the inside:

This is what $57 will get you tonight and what $185 will get you tomorrow night!

We're checking into a condo for the rest of the trip, but this is a nice pampered stop-over before we REALLY get started.

Wallpaper. goes on tonight at MIDNIGHT so for those of you heading down after work, you can make it for sure!

We'll check in later on and we should have more pics from the party tonight as well as some more posts from Andy and Sal. Andy's been snapping away on his camera so we should have some pretty stellar shots to show you!


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