Monday, April 28, 2008

40 hours later and SO much has happened!

There's so much to say so I'm just going to launch right into it:

When we left you last, we were stoked from a night with Fatboy Slim and an amazing debut on the Wallpaper. Coachella Parking Lot Tour.

We got ourselves an invite to the Anthem party and we spent a little time with the good folks at Vlaze (check the site for an interview with Wallpaper. shortly!) and some old friends: Matt the Ice Cream Man, Tommie Sunshine, and the folks at Biz3.

Then it was off to the big dance, so we could get in some time with Portishead and Prince. We tried to kick it at the Gobi tent for M.I.A., but it just wasn't happening.

We high-tailed it over to the big stage just in time to see Beth and the boys take the stage for one of the most knock-out performances I've ever seen. Seriously, this band is NOT to be missed! They did some of my FAVOURITES including the newest track "Machine Gun" off of their new record "Third" and old school classics "Sour Times" and "Wandering Star".

Then it was time for Prince to take the stage. In addition to being AWESOME himself, he managed to bring out THE REVOLUTION (not kidding) and Morris Day. I got to watch his highness do "Little Red Corvette", "Controversy", "You've Got the Look", "1999", "Purple Rain", Seven, and "Let's Go Crazy". It was life-changing let's just say that.

Wallpaper. did a KILLER set in the parking lot after Prince got the crowd all warmed up. And after Coachella security moved in and shut us down, it was off to the Flaunt party.

Franki Chan, Datarock and Chromeo all DJ'd sets there before we headed back to our house for the night and we were treated to Redbull's by the fine people of Flaunt Magazine. We also ran into some of L.A.'s finest promoters and party people: Moscow's own Keith Wilson, Jeff Duke & Adam Frankel as well (such name-droppers aren't we now? lol)

Then it was rise and shine early to get started today. We made our way down to the last day of Coachella in time to catch Sean Penn give a pitch in hopes of wrangling some people to help with his Dirty Hands Caravan trip to New Orleans which leaves at 1pm on Monday.

Following Sean's humourous and heartfelt speech, was one of the anticipated highlights of the weekend for me: My Morning Jacket. From the moment the band took the stage it was pure electricity. They played some great tracks from "Z" and a few newer songs, one of which included a guest appearance by M. Ward. The experience was enhanced a short while later when I headed over to V.I.P. to watch Roger Waters from the elevated hills of the fenced in area, and the members of My Morning Jacket were there with M. Ward. We chatted about the last time we attended a show together (he jumped onstage with Port O'Brien that time) just as Roger Waters was launching into "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". Which was pretty much THE kick-ass rock and roll moment of the year for me.

He continued on playing songs from a few of the other records and then took a break before coming back to play DSoTM in its entirety. There were planes dropping confetti and a pig launch which you can see here:

We walked to the car where we checked out a moment of Chromeo and then bounded out to the parking lot for the last Wallpaper. performance of the weekend (we'll have some footage of that soon).

We're SUPER excited about the latest announcement of Wallpaper.'s digital ep release show on Tuesday night at the VERY LAST Check Yo Ponytail which features a KILLER line-up:

We'll be back in the office on Monday so we'll have some more photos, videos and other goodies to share as well!

For now, signing off from Coachella...


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