Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Great Northern at the Echoplex and Neon Bible revisited

Great Northern's high school band contest was a great success mostly because of the contest winners, The Damiens! Here's members of both bands and friends posing for a photo:

Robbers on High Street were a blast too! The members of The Damiens and Robbers on High Street joined Great Northern onstage for a song as well!

The eenie meenie office has been busy prepping for Division Day's upcoming show with Film School and Eulogies at the Echoplex on Thursday, Nov 15th as well as the band's upcoming tour with Voxtrot. Here's the flyer for the Echoplex show:

Lately in the office, we've been playing a lot of Coheed & Cambria, Saul Williams, and Be Your Own Pet. Here's a playlist:


Just because I found myself in the kind of mood I need to be in when revisiting records I dismissed after one or two listens, I gave Neon Bible another pass through the old ears. I should preface this by saying this is merely my opinion.

Here's the way it happened for me today:
Black Mirror -- uggh, great for 30 seconds, bleh after that.
Keep the Car Running - the beat is great, the mandolin sweet, swelling processed strings etc. perfect for this track --then I'm reminded where I've heard this before: the band's first record.
Neon Bible - the badass track as far as I'm concerned: the simplicity of it, the gentle female vocal, the almost southern "character" presented there -- reminds me of something Brother Justin Crowe from HBO's short-lived Carnivale would say.
Intervention - not sure about this one -- it seems like 95% of a song
Black Wave-Bad Vibrations - what happened HERE??? I had to check iTunes three times to make sure I was, still in fact, listening to Neon Bible. Two words folks: side project
Ocean of Noise - this one I really like. there are a lot of elements of 50s music in this record -- Buddy Holly here, 50s and 60s Beatles there
The Well and The Lighthouse - I want to like this one, but I don't know why I can't. This band has always felt this way to me.
[Antichrist Television Blues] - Win REALLY sounds like a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison in this one and since I've never been a fan of either of those guys it's really hard for me to give it an honest listen. There are moments of really great moment-ness, but where's the song? I challenge anyone to hum this for me. Most people who like it/love it could probably hum a PART of it. But there's nothing that stays in my head. oy... I'm trying folks!!
Windowsill - I can see why people like this one. It sounds like a snapshot of someone's current family life.
No Cars Go - I would have to say I like this one. Mostly because, unlike the others I've had problems remembering from this record, at least this one has a chance of staying in my head.
My Body is a Cage - Again, this one made me look to be sure I was still listening to the same record. GREAT song... again very simple and it sorta reminds me of the darkness of Funeral.

Again, just my opinion.
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