Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Crushes Are Forever

Okay, admit it, aside from loving Great Northern's music, you have a crush on one of them. It's okay, we won't tell! But, just to tease you, we do have some brand new, fabulous photos from a Great Northern show - none other than the Troubadour show last week with Loney, Dear. It was a lot of fun! Click on Ashley below to see some more beautiful shots from Akmal Naim (a friend of our friend Paul from Hate Something Beautiful):

The band is now on the road, wowing crowds in Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, and more! Check their tour dates to see if they're hitting your town.

Scissors For Lefty have some massive shows coming up as well, including the main stage at Live 105's BFD this Saturday (Kaiser Chiefs, Interpol, Queens of the Stoneage, Bloc Party). And of course next Wednesday at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, we'll be celebrating the release party for Underhanded Romance! When you have a second, go vote for them to be on the Milwaukee Summerfest CD from Sonicbids; they'll be at Summerfest in July, proving once again that "Milwaukee rocks!" (Oh wait, that's Cleveland.)

Here's a live clip from Live 105's in-studio session with Scissors For Lefty, just for fun. This is "X's Are Forever":

Songs heard in the office today:


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Chief Rocka said...

ok Schimonie, you've outted me successfully. I'll own it. YES, I have a crush on Drew Carey. I ALSO have a bit of a thing for Jerry Seinfeld. What can I say? Funny men do it for me...
Need I bring up a certain member of TGTB&TQ who made your voice go up a bit during a certain polaroid photo shoot in Texas?