Friday, March 16, 2007

SXSW day two part one

WHOA what a whirlwind we've been on here in Austin!

Our itinerary was FULL with intended plans to see a great many acts, but the rain let us down a little as we left the hotel to our first destination.

First up was the Gorilla vs. Bear/Gothamist/Austinist "Gonna Gonna Get, Get Down!" party featuring: Architecture in Helsinki, Headlights, Earl Grayhound, Loney, dear, and (L.A. pals) Hello Stranger (below).

Their set was great! Our friend Cristo was doing sound and we met some great folks at that party! The rain subsided and we moved on to our next location (and FEATURED day event on our schedule) the GenArt Party @ Beauty Bar with an AMAZING line-up: Snowden (shown below), Suffrajet, Dirty on Purpose, and Menomena. Snowden's set was STELLAR. We're going to try to find ourselves at their event tomorrow (4pm at the Urban Outfitters day party!!) for our second visit with them since the start of the festival. Jordan was extra kind and the rest of the folks were grateful we showed up early enough to catch their whole set.
Here's a cropped shot from a polaroid the nice ladies at Beauty Bar took for us!

We left right after their set to hit the streets with our GENIUS promotions machine: SLAP BRACELETS with the Eenie Meenie Records showcase info printed right on the bracelet!! People were chasing us down in the streets to get one of these babies!

On the avenue, I ran into some old friends from back east, including DJ Tommie Sunshine and Ultragrrrl. They had time to chat for a bit and pose for a quick photo before we all scurried off to change for the main event that nite: the Eenie Meenie Records Showcase!!

We're compiling a TON of photos from that event, so we'll have a more complete post for you tomorrow! For now, signing off from Austin!

Tomorrow we've got two Great Northern events and we're hoping to get a spot to see the Stooges at Stubb's so be on the lookout for the EMR girls with their great hair and polaroid camera!!

Ciao for now!

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