Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SXSW day one

We're finally here!

Schimonie and I walked off the plane last nite at around 7:05pm CST and were driven to our hotel by Robert 519, the self-professed official SXSW tour guide. We awoke today (way too early for our watches, but around 9am Austin time) and had a waffles and cereal breakfast (I made the waffle myself on a fancy little swivel waffle iron!) and we were off to the festivities downtown.

Here's a shot of our hotel room, posh right?

We got the lay of the land down, although it's a very different scene during the day than at nite. Ran over to Waterloo, which was pretty much business as usual despite the impending busy days ahead.

We headed over to Tara's Thai (AMAZING Thai, and very inexpensive!) and it was THEN that the rain started. It POURED for a while and now, thankfully, it's stopped. We're heading down to the NRDC party tonite to see Scissors for Lefty perform. If you're in the Austin area, you should come down and check it out!

We're off to load-in now and we'll be calling the blog shortly so check in to find out the latest info!


1 comment:

chickrawker said...

that is so a homewood suites hotel room! was the waffle maker shaped like the state of texas?

it's raining in dallas too...hope it stays dry for you guys.

p.s. saw goldenboy yesterday and they were soooooo good.