Thursday, March 1, 2007

Irving Update: Video from Germany!

On an average day, I wake up with my digital alarm, log on to my lightweight laptop, change clothes while my Music Choice alternative all music station (guilty pleasure, yes I wake up to the "alternative" station -- tease if you must) plays on my digital cable in the background while I get ready for work. Then I plug in my nano and head off to work where I log on to the web with my OTHER lightweight laptap, while my cell phone sits on vibrate next to my desk and my VARIOUS sites (MOG, Imeem, blogger,, AIM, myspace, etc.) keep track of all my online affairs. Ain't technology grand?

It's hard to remember life without Myspace, Youtube, blogging, text messaging, and the MYRIAD of other ways the techno age has made our lives easier/more intense. I take it for granted most days, but today I was really amazed at the power of the tools that have become available in even the last 5 years. You'll see what I mean in the video below which features our own Steven Scott of Irving on a press tour of Germany. He made a stop at popular German TV video show Pop10 (this is the one you guys voted for the top videos online) and played a few songs on his acoustic guitar. But he wasn't alone, at least not when he could have the rest of Irving play with him live via webcast from their place in Los Angeles. Spanning 6 time zones, thousands of miles and all this without buffering issues, the band played "Situation" together. The mix could not have been better if they were all in the same room and the image of Steven playing along with the image of three other guys on a laptop computer is one that is the very embodiment of how technology can truly change the way we share music.

The performance is stellar as well. The guys carry the tune a totally different way with the acoustic, stripped down approach and the simplicity of it has renewed my love for this tune.



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