Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'll Race You

Quick, everybody go on tour at once! As soon as we got back from SXSW, Scissors For Lefty, Goldenboy, and Great Northern each took off in different directions, prompting a flurry of posters and flyers and well-wishes. (And dire threats to blog and hipcast.) Expect good stuff from Great Northern's lovely new blog: We had fun hanging out with them at their video shoot for "Home" last weekend, as well as all the shows at SXSW, so we know they'll make you smile.

(Rachel with a new friend @ the Redeye Party, SXSW.)

Goldenboy is off till the 21st, but this week, we've got:

Great Northern @ Fat Cat
930 11th St., Modesto CA
w/ Division Day & Solar Powered People
8pm $5 21+

Scissors For Lefty @ Galapagos
70 North 6th St., Williamsburg NY
11pm $10 18+

SAT. 3/31:
Great Northern @ Art Bar
1511 S. Main St., Las Vegas NV
9pm $8 21+
w/ Division Day


Scissors For Lefty @ The Ritz
Rochester Institute of Technology
34 Lomb Memorial Dr., Rochester NY

SUN. 4/1
Scissors For Lefty @ Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St., New York NY
8pm ALL AGES! $8 adv/$10 door
w/ Locksley & Monument

For next week, check the shows page on the EMR site. Like last night's South Park, we are "cross-referencing our myspace with google maps and eharmony" to bring you guys more and more fun stuff online. That's right, we are plugged in, people. (Just a minute, I got a text.) Irving's on Go TV, Great Northern's on M+TV, and Scissors are on Mania TV. :)

Here's our playlist for the day:


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