Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Texas Anyone?

So call us crazy but we've been thinking about making a trip down to Austin, TX next month. (Folks is talkin' bout a little music festival goin' on.) From the label perspective, SXSW involves a whole helluva lot of sticker/sampler/flyer production, so we're all a bit mad here.

We'll fill you in on this year's showcase pretty soon. Aside from our own night, I'm personally pretty excited about Beirut, Okkervil River, Say Hi To Your Mom, Snowden, Viva Voce, Interpol, Morrissey and Lily Allen. ...Yeah!

In the meantime, this month, Great Northern is sharing a stage with Division Day once again on the 12th, at Spaceland! That's one case of the Mondays that might be avoided. (Don't bring the copier.)

And before that, Goldenboy will be also be at Spaceland, this Saturday the 10th. We like that place. We might hang out the whole weekend.

Knowledge acquired in the office today included:

To slow down the descent of a 140 lb jumping musician, holding a 3-foot diameter balloon, you will need one determined photographer, about 120 balloons, and God knows how many helium tanks.

Songs heard in the office today included:


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